JCB driver dumps car outside plush apartments ‘in bitter row over unpaid bill’

JCB driver dumps car outside plush apartments ‘in bitter row over unpaid bill’

Footage shows a JCB dumping a wrecked car outside an apartment block in Edgerton, Huddersfield, after the property’s management firm demanded £66,000 for work carried out after a water leak

This is the moment a JCB dumped a wrecked car outside a plush apartment block in what is thought to be the latest chapter of a row over an unpaid bill.

Robert Hall, who owns a £400,000 flat in the building, said the property’s management firm hit residents with a £66,000 invoice over work carried out following a water leak.

He claims other firms could have done the job for as little as £25,000.

Mr Hall said this amounted to £11,000 bills for him and each of the five other apartments at the address in Edgerton, Huddersfield, YorkshireLive reports.

He believes the ditching of two smashed cars at the flats yesterday is linked to the residents’ dispute with Mick Dunbar, who owns the management firm MD Construction.

Mr Dunbar reportedly tried to charge the residents £11,000 apiece following a water leak in December last year.

Mr Hall, who has instructed a firm of Dewsbury-based solicitors over the matter, believes the row resulted in stone blocks being placed at the entrance to the flats on Wednesday, blocking all cars coming in or out.

However, he said officers from West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service demanded they were moved as they were a risk in the event of a fire.

But the situation escalated at 9am yesterday when two scrap cars were dumped in the car park.

Mr Hall, who lives at the property with his wife, said a meeting was arranged with Mr Dunbar on June 9 when he and the other leaseholders refused to pay the bills. They said it was a clear abuse of their rights and privileges and claimed the work had been carried out without any consultation.

Mr Hall said: “We have pushed the stone blocks aside so we can get through.”

Mr Dunbar, who owns one of the six apartments, did not respond to a request for comment.

Edgerton was once known as the Belgravia of Huddersfield and boasts some of the town’s grandest addresses.

A book called The Villas of Edgerton was published to wide acclaim by local historian David Griffiths in 2017.

It comes after a builder smashed up a block of flats with his digger because the owner owed him more than £4 million.

Footage on YouTube shows the contractor driving his machine into the three-storey block after an angry row with the developer, who he claimed owed him £4.2million.

His yellow and black mechanical digger could be seen outstretching its long arm and tearing down the apartment balconies.

The damage reportedly happened at 7.30pm on Wednesday in Blumberg, South Germany.

The area around the apartments was sealed off by police after fears the heavy machinery may have damaged the building’s gas containers.

The builder fled the scene in his car after destroying the apartment block with his wrecking machine.