Cheeky girl sends mum ‘letter from McDonald’s manager’ urging her to buy food

Cheeky girl sends mum ‘letter from McDonald’s manager’ urging her to buy food

A crafty eight-year-old desperate for a McDonald’s faked a letter from the chain’s “manager” claiming their local store was closing down and urging her mum to place an order soon

When hunger cravings strike, it can sometimes feel as though we’d go to extreme lengths to get our hands on the food we want.

That’s a feeling eight-year-old India Grant knows too well, after she was left so desperate for a burger that she wrote up a fake letter telling her mum Sarah that their local branch was about to go out of business.

The letter informed Sarah, 41, that she needed to buy food from the store “before it’s too late” and was cleverly signed by the “McDonald’s manager”.

India’s note read: “To Sarah. You need to come back again soon.

“We will be shutting down so please come and order McDonald’s for lunch before it’s too late.

“Yours sincerely, the McDonald’s manager.”

And although Sarah knew it was her daughter who had written the letter, she chose to play along and grant India her fast-food wish – but not before having some fun of her own.

Instead of visiting the drive-thru of their local branch in Larchwood Avenue in Havant, Hampshire, Sarah told her daughter they would need to go into the store to speak to the manager face-to-face.

The youngster’s cheeky plan was then uncovered when she sheepishly admitted to the shift manager that she was responsible for the note.

But her ploy still paid off despite being found out, as hilarious pictures showed the delighted schoolgirl posing with her fast-food gains outside the store and munching it at home.

Sarah, from Havant, Hampshire, said: “India loves McDonald’s. We don’t have it that often, she likes to have it as a treat, once every couple of weeks.

“She’ll have a Happy Meal occasionally but she’s started to stick with a double cheeseburger at the moment with fries and Coca Cola as a treat.

“I received the note while I was doing some housework. She said it had come through the ‘magic post’ through the window, the same way we had a letter from Father Christmas a few years ago.

“When I saw this it took me by surprise, it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. It was so clever.

“She hadn’t asked me to spell anything, she’d just gone off on her own and done it. She was quite quiet for a while but she takes herself off and reads, and clearly writes letters.

“She’s a bit of a character and she comes out with things that make us laugh.”

Sarah – who is also mother to 13-year-old son Alfie – shared India’s crafty letter to Facebook, where it went viral and racked up nearly 4,000 likes, shares and comments.

And social media users can’t get enough of the young girl’s quick thinking.

One commented: “Deserves one for that inspirational idea.”

While another said: “This kid’s going places.”